To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

I am thinking here of the raising up of those to bring God’s Word among God’s people. There are two models I have personally experienced.

The Brethren Model: People are raised up in the local church and trained and equipped. But then the main place for the function of their gift is in other assemblies; NOT in the local church.

The Independent Church Model: Those who are seen as having a suitable preaching gifting are given some opportunity in the church. However, their training is done elsewhere at a seminary or Bible college. They then go to exercise ministry in a church which is not their home church. In such a model the “pastor” of the church occupies his position until, he decides to leave, retires or dies. Up until such a time he does at least 75% of the preaching in the church.

Both models appear to me to have limitations according to the Bible model. It seems to me that gift should be raised up in a local church with the view that it is primarily used in that church. And training and equipping is focussed in the church.

It was interesting thereby to listen to this interview with Terry Virgo. One striking aspect of this interview was him speaking about his relentless determination to see suitably gifted men raised up, mentored, trained and released into the local church. In his ministry it seemed he almost was setting himself towards becoming redundant. This would happen through other preachers being raised up in the local church who would be preaching in that church.

Inherent in this approach is the expectation of planting churches from such a church. This could happen through the superfluity of the gift in that church flowing over to being used in another new church.

There seems to be much to recommend this.

N.B. The interview is well worth listening to for much wisdom on church life.

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