To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Street Evangelism.

I am writing here about being on the street to seek to give out leaflets and engage people in conversation.


  • You are bringing the gospel of our Lord Jesus to people in need of salvation.
  • People have opportunity to see you as a real person from the church.
  • The church is getting out, and not just staying in its building, to evangelise. This is all part of fulfilling our our biblical remit. We need to remember in Matthew 28:19 that the Lord said “Go….”
  • You are making yourself available for any who may be seeking the truth in Christ.


  • People can be rushing past with no time to stop and listen.


  • Make sure you are not breaking any laws by offering leaflets in the location you have chosen
  • If you are not comfortable offering leaflets to total strangers and do not have an ability to politely offer leaflets to people then this is not for you. Your gifts lie in another area and you should use them there.
  • Dress appropriately so as not to draw attention to yourself. I always feel if possible it is best not to wear a hat. People can see the whole of your face more easily, but this is a small issue.
  • Stand so as the sun is not dazzling into the face of the person you are approaching.
  • Make sure you have good gospel leaflets to offer.
  • Offer your leaflet graciously, warmly and with a smile. Say something like “would you like to have a leaflet sir/madam. We come from a church in the town.”
  • Try and use “sir” or “madam” it is respectful and makes people feel that you are honouring them.
  • If people say “no” to the leaflet then graciously accept that. Do not harass people concerning their rejection.
  • If you sense that someone wants to talk then seek to seize the opportunity. Don’t forget to listen to what people say.
  • Be wary of time-waters who want to talk or argue, but do not want to engage with anything meaningful.
  • In any conversation make sure you are seeking to introduce them to Christ crucified.

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