To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Why Fret?

This is a scenario which so often transpires in my life:-

  1. An issue crops up.
  2. I seek to ponder upon the issue so as to solve the problem or decide on a plan of action.
  3. My thinking starts to get confused.
  4. I start to fret about how the matter will be resolved.
  5. The matter starts to seem even more intractable.
  6. I start to fret even more.
  7. I become anxious about the future fearing what will happen.
  8. I start to lose sleep.

And all the while my Father in heaven is looking and saying “Why won’t you speak to Me about it?”  “Hey won’t you trust Me to look into the issue and bring a way forward?”

And guess what? When we stop and  give the matter to our Father and speak to Him about the issue we are soon seeing a way forward through (and out of) the quagmire we have got ourselves in. Our hearts are content and the stress is relieved.

Oh Lord, why do I so often fret and not trust You?

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