To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Call To Repentance

The happenings on Westminster Bridge and in Parliament Square last week were truly horrendous and the carnage wrought is grievous. But I am left concerned by the response of christian leaders.

Here is one report of them standing in solidarity with all those who gathered in Trafalgar Square on March 23rd. The gathering was a show of defiance against the terrorists. But where is the call from these leaders for repentance?

I wrote previously here in respect of the Paris attacks the pressing need there was then and still stands for a call in the West for repentance. Accordingly, it is not a gathering of defiance, appropriate as that may be, but a gathering of repentance which is urgently to be called for.  Surely we live in a land that has defied the living God who has revealed His Will in His Word, the Bible, and His salvation in His Son, Jesus Christ.

We have set ourselves on a course where God’s judgment is fitting. What we need to do is to realise how terrible the anti-God compromises are which predominate in our society. We need to repent. Our church leaders should be leading in a call to repentance.

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