To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

…………… a night for renewal, refocusing, refreshment, reordering, rearranging, redirecting, and realigning. That is because Wednesday night is Prayer and Bible Study night and I need Wednesday night. Of course it is not always the case. There may be times when everything just does not work out that way. It may be that I am not in the right place spiritually myself and so I miss out on the blessing of renewal, refocusing etc.. It may be that the prayer time and bible study just don’t happen so as to bring blessing.

However, in the generality Wednesday nights are essential for my spiritual welfare. Ideally the Lord’s Day has set you up for the week. You have worshipped the Lord and heard from the Lord and your whole fabric has been rearranged. Thereby, you can face the week with the appropriate direction and focus. But Wednesday gives you that helping hand in the middles of the week to keep you moving in the right direction.

Sometimes on a Wednesday afternoon there is that kindling in my soul looking forward to the evening together with the Lord’s people to be spurred forward to follow the Lord.

It is somewhat baffling to me how Christians feel they can get through the week without Wednesday night. Work and family commitments may prevent people getting there and that is fully understood. But so many do not seem to have any interest in coming to the well for refreshment. That is sad.

So, in the will of the Lord, i am looking forward to tonight when we have opportunity at Feltham to pray together and to consider God’s Word with Mark (Henderson) leading the study. Trust you have a great Wednesday evening (or whenever your mid-week gathering is) as well.


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