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Recently, I have come across some very hostile statements about anti-depressants. Someone went so far as to describe one lady as being a “drug-addict” because of her consumption of anti-depressant medicine. So how do I respond to this, as someone who still takes anti-depressant tablets, having been a bit rattled by what I have heard?

My focus is two fold here. The first is the fact that depression is in my family. Both of my parents, for example, suffered and so there is likely to be a genetic connection. Such an observation leads me to the conclusion that there is likely some liability in my being to depression. The taking of anti-depressants seeks to fight against this liability.

The genetically connected tendency towards depression is reflected in the second observation and that is that I likely have chemical imbalance that makes me prone to depressive tendencies. Hence it seems reasonable to continue with the anti-depressants.

As I remarked to my doctor about this issue earlier in the year, I perceive that anti-depressants are an emotional safety-net for me. To experience the emotional free-fall that can take place as part of the “depression” condition is not pleasant. Accordingly, I am glad to have the safety net.

I have sought to withdraw from them at varying times over the years, but the withdrawing seems always to have a deleterious effect on my welfare. So I continue taking antidepressants. I take a very small dose, but I do take.

Some would say that I should not take anti-depressants, but just trust God to sustain me through and have victory over the depression. My response is that I take the medication as a provision of God for my mental and emotional welfare. And with the help of the medication God sustains me. Everyday that I am able to usefully function is, in a sense, a day of victory over depression.

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