To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

What Do You Seek First?

Our Lord Jesus said But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well (Matt. 6:33). Let us ask, initially, here: What are the “all these things”? They are the things previously mentioned in vv25-32, namely food and clothing. The LORD is referring to the basic necessities of life.

People generally live to get the provision of food and clothing sorted out first, and having done that then they will think about what else they can add to their lives. Jesus calls us to live a radically different life. He calls us to set the kingdom of God and the righteousness of God as priorities in our lives. He says that we should be seeking to live for God (His kingdom) and live by His Word (His righteousness) as teh first things in our lives.  It is when we do this that we can expect the Lord to supply our basic needs. This is radical indeed.

Alas so many, including Christians, operate according to the aforementioned principle of getting things sorted first and then seeking the kingdom of God. When this happens then what generally transpires is that you get neither. You get neither what you sought or the kingdom.

Let me give an example. You see a woman desperate for a man. She sets her heart upon getting her man. As a result, the things of the Lord become secondary. What tends to happen in this scenario? Well, the woman ends up with neither the man nor the kingdom. She may get a man, of course, but the acquired man is likely to be unsuitable, because she had not approached the matter with a godly heart. Accordingly, it is all very likely to “end in tears”.

Whereas if that woman continues to put an emphasis upon seeking the Lord, and whilst doing so including the “man issue” in her prayers, she may well according to God’s good guidance get both the kingdom and the man. In fact the man would be part of the kingdom for her. But, if she does not get the man she, through being a kingdom first lady, will know that that outcome is best for her in God’s purposes.

Examples of this could be multiplied. Think of the student who, with exams imminent, says “the exams are my priority so I will reject having rest on the Lord’s Day. In fact I will have a six week moratorium on church attendance. And when it is over the kingdom will be first again.” As a result, the student becomes over-stressed and ends up flunking the exams. Whereas the student who steadies themselves in God and continues to place Him as a priority is likely to keep a balanced mind and be able to achieve their potential in the exams.

In musing on these matters I have to challenge myself about where I am at with these things. Am I a kingdom first man or am I a get things sorted first man?

So I conclude and ask where are we at with regard to the priorities in our lives? In considering that there is, I believe, one question that goes to the root of all and that is “What do you want?” Your answer to that will reveal where you are at regarding Matthew 6:33 and it will reveal where your life is headed.

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