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Leaflet Distribution

I am writing here about distributing evangelistic leaflets from your church to the houses and flats in your locality.  Traditionally it would have been called “tracting”, although that term would seem a little out-of-date now. Here are some thoughts:-


  • Able to get good literature into the homes of the neighborhood.
  • The people in your locality are given a further opportunity  to “hear” the gospel through the written word.
  • A large area can be reached in a short time. Recently three of us from the church distributed about 450 booklets in about 90 mins.
  • Whilst distributing you have space to pray for your locality, the homes you are visiting and many other matters.
  • It is good exercise.
  • You learn something about your locality be seeing the homes and seeing things on display.
  • It can give an opportunity to have fellowship with others as you walk out together.
  • Shows that you want to get out into your area with the gospel and not just sit in our churches in “holy huddles”


  • We still live in an age where there is much junk mail. Accordingly, our leaflets can be treated as such and go straight into recycling or the bin. Hence there is no hearing of the word.
  • There is little personal interaction. Perhaps the odd brief conversation. So no personal relationships are developed.
  • It can be financially quite costly through much literature going out.
  • We live in a viewing generation and not a reading generation. So people are not inclined to read a booklet through the door.


  • Make sure you get an attractive leaflet/booklet. it needs to look good and immediately engage people in a positive way. This must be done pretty well instantaneously otherwise it will soon be gone on to recycling / the bin.
  • Make sure the leaflet faithfully and engagingly explains the gospel. It should not be wordy, but it should say enough to introduce people to salvation in Christ.
  • Make sure you are dressed in an appropriate way. Don’t draw attention to yourself by looking odd.
  • Put every booklet right through the letterbox. Criminals can look out for “post” which visibly hangs about in letterboxes as an indication that people are away.
  • If there is a sign which says “No Junk Mail” or the like then do not deliver to that house. Of course we know that we are not delivering junk mail, but the homeowner won’t see it like that. Accordingly you may put bad thoughts of the church in their minds.
  • Always leave a property as you find it. If the gate was open leave it open; if it was shut leave it shut.
  • Do not walk across grassed area within the curtilage of people’s homes. This can upset people.
  • Be careful of dogs on the other side of the letter box. If you are careless you may get your fingers bitten.
  • Be thoughtful about the weather. If the weather conditions mean that you are putting wet literature into the letterboxes, it is best to refrain.
  • Be careful of your conduct as you go from home-to-home. Some may be watching you.
  • Try not to look miserable. You are distributing GOOD NEWS so don’t forget to smile!
  • Pray to the Lord He would use the leaflets and your efforts to further the work of the gospel.

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  1. For about £2, Facebook will do something similar for about 500 people.

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