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Fathers Get Involved

Andrew Saunders was sentenced yesterday for the murder of two people. The report is here. This part of the report struck me: Afterwards, he phoned his mother telling her what he had done and sent a text message to his father saying: “Thanks for being a pathetic, useless father. Just killed two people, cheers.”

I do not know the details of Mr Saunders’ relationship with his father, but was struck by the words he used in the text. So I am led to ask the question: how much did this man’s insecurity, instability and vile conduct derive from having a disinterested, distant and disengaged father? Sons need fathers. Sons need fathers who engage with them and take an interest in them. This is not about fathers being perfect fathers, but about them being committed to their sons.

“Oh Lord you have given me fours sons. Please help me to be faithful to you in living aright before them and for them. Help me to engage with them in a caring and considerate way. I need your enabling and wisdom Lord.”

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