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Pastoring For Praise.

A little while ago I had had a busy Lord’s Day. I got home, I reckon, at about 8.15.p.m. I then went to visit a sister in Christ from the church in hospital; she had been admitted that day. After seeing her I sent a text updating people in the church about her welfare. This was an entirely legitimate thing to do given the interest of those in the church in her situation.

Yet I was left wondering: was there a little hint of pride in my heart? After all I had gone to visit someone in hospital after a busy day. And I could show everyone how diligent I was by sending the text.

In all this I thought, never let it be Philip that you want to impress people through your. Pastoring for praise is such a repulsive thing. It reminds me of the gifts and the prayers at the beginning of Matthew 6 and those who do all to be seen by men. The scripture soberingly says  Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full (v3b and 5b).

Oh Lord may I never be pastoring to impress. But simply may I do all for the glory of your name and the benefit of the people.

Comments on: "Pastoring For Praise." (1)

  1. Thanks Philip,
    I can so easily fall into this mindset thankyou for bringing it to light so it can be put to death

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