To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Dead and Content.

My persuasion about the spiritual state of the white indigenous population of the UK at the present time is that they are dead and content. There is no life towards God and people are, give or take a few perturbations, happy in that state. I accept that this is a vast generalization, but nevertheless I feel (and fear) that it bears much truth.

A meeting I had with a man outside church was emblematic of this. He was from Hull delivering stuff to the retail park across the road. I happened to get talking to him. He was there with time on his hands waiting for others to arrive. I offered him a booklet from the church, but he refused. We got talking and he seemed completely indifferent to really considering the issues of life and death and Jesus Christ. He was happy in his view that we will all be reincarnated. He had absolutely no grounds for this belief, but that did not matter, he was happy with it. I offered my booklet again and he refused. There was just no willingness to explore anything that might challenge his presumed beliefs.

It was overall a good-natured conversation, but it summed up much of my dealings with people of white-British backgrounds. There is just an indifference to spiritual matters. So where does that leave me? Here are some thoughts:

  • Pondering upon the observation that there is a veil over the hearts and minds of the white-British population. I do not want to speculate, but has God withdrawn gospel blessings from our race because of the history of rejecting the gracious gospel of the grace of God which has been offered over many years?
  • Thankful, oh so thankful that I, as white-British, have been rescued by the Lord’s grace. What is impossible with man is possible with the Lord. Thank you Lord.
  • Praying that God might yet be gracious and yet cause a turning back among the white-British of this nation.
  • Thankful for what God is doing in drawing different ones here and there to Himself.

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