To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

If you are a shepherd then you should be showing an interest in the sheep that you are called to shepherd. Any elder of a church then must be interested in the sheep; that is the congregation he is to shepherd. Any shepherd who does not have an interest in the sheep should leave his employment as soon as possible. The issue I am concerned about here specifically in this post is that of how we show an interest in people.

So here are some thoughts:-

  • We need to know the sheep. If we do not know the people in our charge then we are likely to show our interest in them in an inappropriate way.
  • We also need to know what our sheep are going through at a specific moment in time. What might be thoughtful and appropriate at one point in time may be insensitive and harmful at another time.
  • Some sheep want to go about their business quietly and resent intrusive behaviour from the shepherd. They very easily see any delving into their lives as pestering.
  • Other sheep consider any sense of a lack of attention being paid to them in a negative light. They soon are accusing the shepherd of ignoring them and being disinterested.
  • All the sheep need to know that they are cared for. All the sheep need to know that they are loved.
  • The true shepherd is a relentless indomitable studier of sheep.
  • The true shepherd is a man who is fervent in prayer. It is through prayer that we can ask of God for the necessary wisdom to involve ourselves in the lives of the sheep.


Comments on: "Showing An Interest In People." (1)

  1. So true, so needed, pray for such men to be following the good shepherd that they then will shepherd like He!!

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