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End of Women’s Sport.

As we advance to the supposed nirvana whereby everybody can choose their own gender regardless of the biological facts which contradict such a choice, I want to flag up an unintended consequence that seems to have had little consideration. It is that this essentially means the end of women’s sport.

The push is on for all males who feel themselves to be female to be classified as female. And so, in a sporting context, those who are biologically female are immediately at a disadvantage. It is a fact of creation that the male body is stronger, faster and has more strength than that of the female body. I know there are exceptions to this, but this is generally the case.

What will eventuate then is that “men’s sport” will be men against men because women identifying as men will not have the same capabilities as men. Accordingly, they will be effectively excluded from competition. Then you will have “women’s sport” which will be men who are defined as women competing against other men defined as women because all true women will not have the capabilities of the supposed women who are actually men. I trust you were able to follow that. It is a mess isn’t it.

So good job Jessica Ennis-Hill got a damehood in the recent New Years honours list. She may be the last woman, who is truly a woman, to ascend to such heights.

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