To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

The Beauty of God’s Order.

One of the things that we can anticipate over the next couple of weeks is people getting disorientated. One statement you are likely to hear is “I don’t know what day it is”. And then as the holiday season moves on people will be saying that “I just want to get back into routine”.

Yesterday I made mention of how we should be careful to make it a priority to remember that this Sunday, is Sunday. This leads me on to consider more generally how the weekly setting aside of the Lord’s Day gives order and structure to our lives. We may be doing different things in the week, but “the first day of the week for the Lord” principle gives a re-orienting blessing into our lives.

This leads me on to ponder upon how our lives should, in many ways, be formed by our ‘Special Day’. Every week we should be living in the light of what the Lord brought to us last Lord’s Day and looking forward to His favour being upon us for the following Sunday. This point is particularly powerfully made when the celebration of the Lord’s Supper is a central part of our worship. Each week looking back to last Sunday we remember how we confessed Him as Lord together with His people in the “Communion Feast”. And each week we anticipate the Lord’s Supper ahead next Sunday and as a result we will be continually confessing our sins so we are fully prepared for that great celebration.

Oh how beautiful and helpful is the order of God into our lives.

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