To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

The New Song.

It is great when you study the Word with others to receive insights that effect your soul’s condition from those contributing. Recently, when studying Isaiah 42:10-17 a sister about mentioned about the new song in v10.

The new songs will only be on our lips when there is an awareness of the Lord who has been revealed to us. Isaiah 42:1-9 gives us a revelation of the true servant of the Lord who is our Lord Jesus. In vv 1-4 He is described and in vv5-9 He is addressed. Then in v10 you hear the call to sing a new song to the LORD.

It is so important for this to grip our beings. We need to constantly have a new song on our lips. That song will be fresh and a delight to our Father in heaven. However, its newness and freshness depend upon us having a living knowledge of the Servant of the Lord.

If we are relying on an old experience of Him we will not have a new song. We may have some form of song, but it will not be new and fresh. How this reminds us that we need to have a vibrant devotional life. Please see here for some thoughts on Personal Devotions.

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