To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.


Sorry to bring up something of a delicate subject, but it struck me that we may be close to seeing the demise of the urinal. This is because the transgender aspect to the LGBT agenda will percolate society to such a degree that all our toilets will have to be desexualized , asexualized or adrongynized (which ever term you prefer).

This all stems from the outworking of people being free to choose which toilets they occupy according to what they feel their gender to be. See here for one article on this. The only way to make that safe and acceptable in the brave new transgendered world is to have all toilets for male and female.

This means that we will only have individualistic loos to go into to attend to our needs. Accordingly, urinals will become a relic of history. So fellow males of the species perhaps note this anticipated development with soberness when you next have to relieve yourself.

And by the way this will cost an awful lot of money. No doubt in due course a diktat will arrive from “on high” that all public buildings (including churches) will have to conform. Just think how all that money could have been better spent. But the new groupthink will impose its will on all, regardless of the cost.

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