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The Lord’s Day Is A Gift.

The Creation principle stands that Six days you shall labour and do all your work, but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God (Ex. 20:9-10a). This is part of the statement made when the fifth commandment was established for the nation of Israel. God, on the basis of His creatorial precedent has established that we should labour for six days and have one day of rest to specifically devote to the Lord. This makes sense in view of the fact that we are made in the image of God and He is the creating God who rested on the seventh day after His six days of creating work.

For us in our New Testament era we have the blessing of the Lord’s Day. We are people of the resurrection; we are first day of the week people. We have that special day to devote to the Lord. It is our opportunity to be set aside for Him and be away from the “normal” routines of the week. You do not need to be a strict Sabbatarian to appreciate the gift of the Lord’s Day.

It would be my contention that we trifle with the gift of the Lord’s Day at our peril. I fear so many are too easily working on a Lords Day. That may be in a formal “work” capacity, but also informally in continuing to do our “normal” things. Students can easily drift in having it as a normal study day, for example and some Christians think nothing of going off shopping. As a result the blessing of the Lord’s Day is lost and the renewing benefit of having that day set apart from all other days fades.

I know that certain people have to work on a Sunday such as those working in the emergency services. But sometimes it seems that too many Christians end up working on a Sunday out of personal choice rather than as a necessary obligation of their job.

The Maker has made us so as to have this routine in our lives of one day of rest in every seven. The Lord generously provides the day for us. It is God’s gift. Let us be careful how we handle this gift.

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  1. Thanks Philip and amen what a blessing it is to us!

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