To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

How Do I Define Myself?

Or to ask the question in a different way: How do I want to be defined by others? Now there are many words that could be used to give definition to who I am. Here are a few:- husband, father, uncle, church member, brother, pastor, British, tee-totaller, creationist, in Christ, calvinist, pre-millennial, evangelical, christian, white, male. As I put those forward there are terms there that are of differing degrees of significance. They are also of differing degrees of clarity. I am clearly a husband and a father. However, some might have a different definitions of calvinist or pre-millennial and dispute my defining myself in that way.

From all these terms, though, which would I be most happy to claim as a means of self-identifying? My persuasion is that I would want to be known as a Christian who is in Christ. A true Christian is by definition in Christ, but because of the looseness of the way the term Christian is used I would want to clarify what I mean when self-identifying as “Christian”.  Accordingly, to be known as someone as being “in Christ” is good. Everything about what matters about who I am is bound up with my connection with Christ.

To say that I am a creationist, for example, is true and yet it in some sense it does not focus on what it is to be a follower of Jesus Christ. There is a beautiful term in Galatians 5:24 where Paul speaks about Those who belong to Christ Jesus. That’s it! That is what I want to be known as. I want to be known as one who belongs to Christ Jesus.

But therein is an essential challenge, am I providing substantial evidence to prove my claim to be a follower, even in the possession of, of Jesus Christ? This is because Scripture relentlessly drives home the truth that confession without transformation is hypocrisy. So I can protest that I want to be known as one “in Christ” endlessly, but if I have no Christlikeness in my life, it is all humbug.

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