To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Super Spiritual Gunk.

What am I referring to here? I am referring to those statements like “the Lord has told me to do this.” or “I have prayed about this”.  And I am specifically, referring to when these statements are used to prove that a course of action, which is either being proposed or being taken, must be right. It is as if because “the Lord told me” or” I have prayed about it” means there is now no further argument about the matter.

Such statements are super-spiritual gunk. What is “gunk” then? It is slang for “any sticky or greasy residue or accumulation.” So, super-spiritual gunk dumps a splodge of grease over an issue so that no-one else can properly get a hold of it. When someone has “gunked” an issue then it is very hard to get to grips with it.

It is the case that when someone has “gunked” an issue with the aforementioned phrases then anyone seeking to respond is very intimidated. How can I go against what they have decided? After all they have prayed about it or the Lord has told them to do this.

So this leads to these thoughts:-

  • Do not use these kinds of gunkish phrases. They may sound spiritual, but they are intimidating
  • When someone uses them on you, seek to ignore them and deal with the issues at stake from a Scriptural point of view. It is interesting that even in the day when the prophets of the early church times were operating, the Scripture says “the spirits of the prophets are subject to the  control of prophets” (1 Cor. 14:32). One prophet could not lord it over another. So do not let people lord it over you by their super-spiritual gunk.
  • When dealing with issues in our lives let us be praying about things and let us be seeking the Lord’s mind on things through His Word. However, let us do so with a spirit which readily interacts with the insights of others.

(Originally Published at Venabling on 16th August 2013)

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