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Sitting At The Back.

Here is an interesting post by Tim Chester. He flags up some pertinent issues about where we sit in church. To his observations I would like to add:-

Thoughtfulness.  Do we think about where we sit in church? Do we pray about where we might sit so as to be a blessing to the congregation generally and to specific individuals?

Selfishness.  The motivation for so many just seems to be personal preference. I sit in a place that pleases me most. Surely one of the indications that we are Christ’s ones is that we are selfless rather than selfish.

Health Issues. I know there may be health issues that bear upon where we feel comfortable sitting in church. In the mental health realm claustrophobia or a fear of being trapped can lead to irrational attitudes which mean that there is a need to be close to an exit. Physical problems can also bear upon our seating preference. If someone has a neck problem, for example, this may well affect where they sit especially where a screen is used.

Disturbance.  Fundamentally if you sit near the front you get less disturbance. It is far easier to concentrate on the preaching. Altogether, it is far easier to engage with what is being presented when you have fewer people in front of you.

So please think about where you sit in church.

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