To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Party, Party.

I am left somewhat concerned as to how Christians celebrate special events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and the like. When I see the bar open and the alcohol flowing, the lights dimmed, the dancing and when I hear the noise; I am left wondering. And about that noise; please tell me how we are meant to have fellowship when you can’t hear yourself think! Is all this really a godly celebration? I am left wondering, surely we can do better; surely we can make a better attempt at honouring the Lord.

The scenes I have observed, on occasion, seem to resemble more of Herod’s big party (see Mark 6:21-29) than they do a feast for the Lords’s people. Where is the self-control, the meekness, the decency and the propriety? Rather, sensuality and indulgence seem to be the order of the day.

Perhaps I may be ridiculed for my restrictive killjoy streak and what I say will be dismissed as archaic. But I just think there must be a more godly and a more joyous way of celebrating. So why is it that these things happen:

  • Is it just that we are not confident enough in the Lord to say we are just going to cut the trash and in wholesome simplicity enjoy honouring Him?
  • Perhaps it is simply that people don’t think and just say that this is the way it is done so we will do the same.

What I want to do is to encourage some thinking. I want to stimulate some trust in the Lord so that we will celebrate in a pure way and leave the outcome to Him. Surely we do not have to be perturbed if the world finds it boring. Of course they will, because they do not understand the joy of the Lord. However, it is worth saying that when the Lord’s people honour Him together, no doubt some from the world will be struck and know that this is a better way than the dubious, fleshly celebrating so often found in the world.

Comments on: "Party, Party." (1)

  1. Yes much the same of stag and hen do’s nothing wrong with some fun but for the Christian surely it should include times of prayer and worship around the word to rejoice in God and also to equip those who are to enjoy the blessings and trials of marriage.

    Thanks Philip

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