To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

One of the things to avoid in leadership is unnecessarily frustrating the people.

When we do not complete references with due expediency, we can frustrate people. When we are unreliable in keeping appointments, we can upset people. When when we fail to do what we say we will do, we end up causing people to despair of us. All of this is testing the patience of the people.

In fact such deficiencies in our conduct can start to undermine our ministry. People start to lose trust in us. And when trust starts to be eroded then we are not in a “good” position. This reminds me that if you look at the qualifications for an elder in Tit. 1:5-9 and 1 Tim. 3:1-7 then, in summary, you are looking for someone you can trust. So all leaders should be diligent to maintain a trustworthy character.

It is worth pointing out that we are talking here about unnecessary frustrations. There are times when people may well be necessarily frustrated with us. They may be frustrated when we seek to uphold godly standards. They may be frustrated when we seek to maintain a righteous walk before the Lord. They may be frustrated when we faithfully preach the Word of God.

If there is frustration on account of these godly things then we do not apologise, for we unashamedly seek to live godly and uphold scripture. However, let us seek not to unnecessarily frustrate the people.

(Originally published at Venabling on 18th June 2014).

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