To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Jeremy’s our Saviour!

There was a lengthy article in last Saturday’s Guardian about Nick Clegg, former leader of the Liberal Democrats. It can be found here. At one point he comments upon how many people now look to Jeremy Corbyn who once looked to him. The relevant part of the article reads:

So many of those students who placed that hope in him have since dumped him for Corbyn. They could have been his, I say. “Yes. Yep.” Is that his biggest regret? “Yes, of course it’s a huge regret, but that is not just a phenomenon in Britain. What you’re seeing across the developed world, particularly among university-educated youngsters active on social media, is a movement from one figure of hope who can deliver the next Jerusalem to the next.”

The language that Clegg uses is religiously coloured and indicates something of the aching in hearts. Everyone knows that things are not well. My general observation is that certain aspects of the media want to portray everything as being in reasonable order so as to convey the impression that the experiment with secular humanist ideology is working. However, “On the streets” people know that not to be the case. They are no longer looking to established political parties for the establishing of Jerusalem. They are, instead,  looking for messiah figures those who they hope can deliver it. I wrote previously here about this phenomenon upon the death of Nelson Mandela.

Alas they will not see the real problem and the real solution. The heart of the problem is that things are bad because we have offended a holy God and are thereby constituted sinners. The heart of the solution is that a Saviour, Jesus Christ the Lord, came to grant blessings in an eternal Jerusalem through the one offering of Himself for our sins.

People still yearn for salvation in this world from this world and will never find it achieved. Each “saviour” comes and goes and never fully delivers. Contrast this to the eternal Saviour who fully delivers. he comes into this world from another realm and brings salvation.

Oh Lord have mercy and may many be persuaded as the gospel goes forward and may hear of this great Saviour and this eternal salvation

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