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Carrying A Prayer Meeting.

High on the list of responsibilities in the calling of anyone to leadership, is the calling to serve. We are placed among the believers in our church to be their servant. We are, in a sense, the servant of God to them. Everything accordingly should be done with a view to what is the best for the people under our care.

One place where this is manifest is in the prayer meeting of the church. Now, if we come to the prayer meeting pondering upon how we feel about praying then we will get things wrong. Some weeks we will be fired up; other weeks we will be dull of soul. No, the servant of the Lord comes to that meeting determined to do everything to help all those there to have a great time of prayer.

A leader has responsibility to carry a prayer meeting. This is not, I believe, a manipulative concept – rather it is a commitment to enhance the fellowship of the meeting and the church. So what is it to carry a prayer meeting?

It is to be there to inject verbal prayer at certain times in the prayer meeting so as to maintain the momentum of the prayers. It is to pray on situations that have been mentioned for prayer so all feel included. It means being thoughtful about praying brief prayers so those who are younger and weaker in the faith are not intimidated. It means sometimes you will hold-back so as to give others opportunity to lead.

So to carry a prayer meeting is not to dominate a prayer meeting. It is rather your goal, to enhance the prayer fellowship of the church. Remember, fellow church leader, you are there to serve.

As a final note this call to serve and to be spiritually sensitive to the needs of our church prayer times, will only be manifest when we are knowing what it is to have the life of our LORD flowing through us. It is those who are regularly with Jesus who act like Jesus.

(Originally published at Venabling on 4th December 2013).

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