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Good Parents.

The passing away of my Mum on October 4th means that I have now lost both of my parents. They have been good parents. They have not been perfect parents, but God has blessed me with good parents (in fact very good parents).

I had the privilege of a stable home. We had our disturbances, but there was the solidity of my Dad and Mum being together, and wanting the best for us four children. Did they get everything right? No! But they were there for us. They worked hard and gave up so much that we might be benefited.

The older I get, the more I appreciate the blessings of what my parents brought to me. I had difficulties as a child, but they were experienced within a loving secure frame.

When I think of the privileges that I have been blessed with by the Lord, I am grateful and thankful.

Sadly, increasingly, what I enjoyed is becoming less and less common. The disintegration and re-invention of the family has meant that a growing proportion of the population are brought up in unstable situations. Thousands of households in this country have no father. The re-defining of marriage to include homosexual couples will only exacerbate the instability. How sad, how devastating. So many growing up are scarred and mauled by their background rather than being blessed by it.

Oh LORD, thank you for good parents. They are gone now. But I want you, dear reader, to know Clarence and Evelyn Venables were good parents to me.

(Originally published at Venabling on 23rd October 2013).

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