To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

I believe this is one of the lies that Satan uses to keep many away from church. He tells people, that they will never be up to the standards of those people who go to church, and thereby they should not get involved in this “christianity thing”.

What people think is that christianity is about being a good person. It is about keeping to the appropriate standards. This is a lie. christianity is rather about God being gracious to those who are wrecks and making them into good people. It is all about grace. People need to know that the church is NOT filled with goody-goodies – it is filled with wrecks. It is filled with those who have been mauled by sin, but such have received the grace of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Once we have received this grace and received the gracious gift of the Holy Spirit; then God begins to make us into new people. He is in the business of reconstructing messes so that we might, in some measure, approximate to the image of His Son. But this is all God’s work.

The question comes then; are we, as Christians or as churches, providing material to substantiate the conclusion that christianity is for goody-goodies? Are we, through our attitudes and lifestyles, conveying the impression that we are trying to do our best to earn favour with God? Or are we people who just simply and relentlessly tell of grace?

We were wrecks and in a sense still are wrecks, but through God’s grace we are being changed. May this be what resounds out of our lives and churches.

(Originally published at Venabling on 20th August 2013).

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