To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Build Your Marriage.

Some while back I heard of a man with loads of money (and I mean loads of money) leaving his wife. A wife and two teenage/early twenties children  Apparently he no longer loves her. Here is a man who has built a fortune, but not built his marriage. His wife still wants him, but off he has gone.

Now this leaves me thinking that we must build our marriages. Marriages do not just happen, they have to be built. Couples need to spend time together. They need to appreciate each other. They need to share life together. Disagreements have to be worked through. Sins against one another have to be confessed, repented of and forgiveness given. Couples must pray together, read together and support each other in the service of God.

Remember if you just expect fairy dust to make your marriage forever magical then you are “away with the fairies”. No! Marriages must be relentlessly built.

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