To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

True Leaders.

Leaders who are leading in harness with the great Leader, our Lord Jesus, are protectors and providers (see Isaiah 32:2). This leads us to ponder on the whole nature of leadership. If we want godly leaders we must be looking for those who protect and provide.

In the family this is what a godly husband should be. It is also what a woman, who is seeking a husband should look out for. In the church we need those who protect from doctrinal and moral evil and provide the church with solid spiritual food.

The ultimate example is our Lord Jesus. He is the One through whose offering we are protected from the wrath to come. On the cross He took all of the wrath due to us and made it His so that we would never need to face wrath. And He is the great shepherd of the sheep who provides for us in bringing us to verdant pastures and fresh water springs.

Lord make me such a leader. Lord raise up leaders like this among us.

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