To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Recently, I sought to contact two teenagers. In the days when it was by telephone, through letter or in person you generally knew if you had made contact. However, I was very much aware, in this recent experience, that I did not know whether I had contacted the two individuals. With one I sought to message them through Facebook and eventually got quite a belated response. The other I sought to text and have not got any response at all.

There seems to be so many ways of contacting people today and that can be good in opening up avenues for communicating. However, my recent experience, I believe, highlights the issue of actually knowing what people are using to communicate. I do think there is a courtesy here though, that if you have e-mail, text, Whatsapp, Instagram or whatever, that you actually use them. Otherwise people may assume you have got a message when that is not the case. And if you have stopped using a certain means make sure that you seek to avoid confusion by cancelling your account. However that can be harder than one would desire. I don’t use LinkedIn, and therefore valiantly strived to close my account, but to no avail.

Perhaps I am just showing my age here. Do younger ones instinctively know through what means they can contact one another? That does seem to be the case.


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