To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Today we have discovered that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union and that the Prime Minister is resigning. These are significant times for the United Kingdom “organisation”, if I dare refer to the nation in those terms. As the future is faced we need to remember that righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people (Prov. 14:34). So what does this nation need? In fact, what does any organisation need?

If you have responsibility for, or interest in, any organisation, your longing should be for it to be healthy. Most organisations are not healthy. They are afflicted by division, selfishness and corruption. For the Christian the key organisation they should be interested in, is the church. But the principles I seek to adduce in this post apply generally to different organisations whether they have reference to the family, education, business, government or nation. At the heart of the prospering of any organisation is righteousness. This righteousness is not just an abstract principle. Rather, it focusses upon having real people who are actually righteous.

Isaiah 32:1-8 refers to a future period when the King of righteousness, our Lord Jesus Christ, will reign on this earth; the millennium. However, what I want to do is draw out some essential principles from this passage, which bear upon how righteousness infuses an organization.

Firstly, it is established that the King of righteousness is reigning (see v.1a). For any entity to operate well then the King of righteousness must be the One who is “in charge.” The ensuing implication is that when there is a good king ruling then the princes will be ruling well (see v.1b).

V.2 introduces us to what true leaders do. There seems to be a merging of thought here between what the perfect leader does and what those who follow him do. Two things we discern are that the true leader protects and provides for the people. There is protection from wind and storm and there is the provision of refreshing water and necessary shade from the heat. The true leader is a protector and provider.

When there is a protecting and providing leader then people start to function properly (see vv.3-4). People become fully human. Eyes and ears properly operate. The mind is no longer prone to rashness with rushes of blood to the head. And the tongue is set for pure and useful speaking. So we see organisations starting to function well as the people happily blossom under this godly leadership which is set on righteousness.

Moreover evil is rejected as we learn in v.5. When things are degenerate those who are fools and scoundrels are honoured and viewed highly. Here, the fool is not one who is stupid, but one who is defective in his thinking and ways because he is set against God. But when Jesus is king and His undershepherds are ruling under His guidance, then people honour those who honour righteousness and they reject the corrupt.

Vv.6-8 then go on to describe the corruption and waywardness which prevail when fools are in power. Their leadership leads to ungodliness and harshness proliferating. It is a mess; everything is degenerating. This degeneration is manifest in society in families and everywhere. “Lord save us from fools! Lord save me from being a fool!”

Finally v8 shows us the noble one, the one who is outgoing to God in his generosity. When all is well these men prevail.

Oh how we need to learn this lesson. We need Christ; we need righteousness. We need Christ the Lord because righteousness only comes in and through Him. We need leaders who are submitted to the rule of Christ. We need these true under-shepherds. When there is no knowledge of Christ the Lord sin and corruption enter and cause disaster. But when He reigns and there are leaders submitted to Him, then there will be healthy organisations.


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