To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Where Is Our Passion?

This is a further musing upon the attitudes I have observed among Christians during the run-up to the EU Referendum.  One thing I am left wondering about is: Upon what (or who) are the hearts of Christians fixed?

In his final public address before being taken to the stake on March 21st 1556 one of Thomas Cranmer’s exhortations to the people was that “he would have them care less for this world and more for the world to come.” (1) Much of the postings and interaction on social media have seem in stark contrast to such an ethos. There seems to be far more making a lot of this world rather than the world to come! Surely we should have an overwhelming interest in the world to come.

In the recess of my mind is the details of a conversation which occurred some years ago. “Our bombers have destroyed the enemy’s ………..” declared a man in the church. “I did not know that the church of God had bombers” came the sage reply from a wise believer. Such an incident makes me ponder upon where our priorities lie. Do we firstly ally ourselves with this world or do we ally ourselves with the church of God? Much of what I have seen of what believers have written leaves me wondering about where our affiliations lie. Is it with the world or the church? Surely we should have an overwhelming interest in the Lord’s church.

When I hear of believers going out on the streets to press for their position on the referendum I am left wondering. When I see the strident presentations made online I am left wondering. I am left wondering mainly: Is salvation found “in” or “out” of the EU or is it found in Jesus Christ.

Oh that people had a passion for the world to come, the Lord’s church and the Lord of the church. Furthermore, don’t forget that when this triumvirate of passions invade the church then we will be set to make a real impact in this world. And that will be regardless of whether we are “in” or”out”.

(1) P. 296 of Masters of the Reformation by Sir Marcus Loane

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