To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Church As A Hobby.

We should be devoted to our work and more devoted to the Lord’s cause. One thing that concerns me is how devoted people are to their work, but when it comes to church they treat that as a hobby. Work is undertaken with commitment and zeal, but church things are done casually and in a disinterested sort of way.

Now I do not want to say that we should be doing our work in a slovenly and disinterested way. This should never be the case. A Christian employee should be the best employee. However, what I do take issue with, is the fact that so many people do not treat that which belongs specifically to the Lord, with the same care and devotion as they do their work. I have written here about how that which is of and in the Lord should be embraced and participated in with commitment, zeal and passion.

I have just seen too much in church of a slackness in attendance, a casualness about timekeeping and a general disorganisation which does not seem to honour the Lord. Paul has a concern how we should behave in the church of God (see 1 Ti. 3:14-15). In doing so he is showing that it is a most important place and our behaviour should be commensurate with those who are called to belong to such an august entity.



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