To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.


One of the challenges of pastoral ministry is how to use time. There always seems lots to do. However, there are things that we must make time for. And one of those is quite simply making time for people.

I feel I have grievously failed if the people of the church perceive that I am so busy that they cannot approach me. It is surely one of the beautiful things to observe about the Lord’s ministry that He was both approachable and willing to give time to those in need.

So I feel these two things are very much needed. We need to conduct ourselves so as to be inviting people to approach us. Also we need to cultivate an atmosphere whereby people know that we are very happy to give them time for any genuine need in their life.

Obviously we need to be careful that we do not fall victim to being manipulated by those who want to waste our time. But we must convey to people the impression that we are there for them.

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  1. Thanks ive shared this link with others. Such a big issue and greatly infects the church. Let us pray to redeem the time in the things that really matter!!

    Our greatest fear shouldn’t be in failure but in exceeding in things that don’t really matter
    Francis Chan

  2. […] forgetting to stop and consider people. It is good to ponder here again as we did on Monday (see here), upon the conduct of our Lord. He never let “the programme” of establishing the […]

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