To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Exam Techniques.

Having pondered upon studying techniques yesterday I thought I would venture to ponder upon exam techniques today. Although I have to confess it is a little while since I have done any. But here goes:-

  • Plan so that you are at the exam centre in good time.
  • Make sure that you have got all equipment / documentation with you. Make sure that you have everything in place the previous evening.
  • Take five minutes to read the paper through first.
  • And answer the question set. If you are doing an essay subject in particular you should be asking yourself: “Am I answering the question?” Remember you can put wonderful stuff in your answer, but if you are not answering the question then it is all useless.
  • Before launching into answering a question, give yourself time to make a brief plan to answering the question. Again this particularly applies in essay subjects.
  • Apportion your time according to the amount of marks for each answer. No point spending 70% of your time on an answer that only gives 2o% of the marks.
  • Give yourself time at the end to read through your answers.
  • Don’t cheat. It is foul and a deception to yourself and others.
  • And when it is over leave the exam behind. No good getting worked up over what might have been.

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