To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Studying Techniques.

The exam season is now under way and this causes me to muse upon studying techniques. Here are some thoughts (and by the way a lot of these apply to different realms of study):-

  • Effective Time. It is effective time in study that matters and not actual time. It is a well-established fact that the brain can function optimally for a limited period of time. Here is one study by way of example. So make sure you take breaks so taht you maximize the effective time of study.
  • Intimidation. This is the danger of looking at all the work that other people are doing and thinking there must be something wrong if I am not doing that. So easily I have in the past, bowed to the self-imposed pressure which comes from concentrating on the amount of time others are giving to study.
  • Laziness. Don’t be lazy. Get on and do the study.
  • Distractions. Oh the perils of studying at a computer. How many distractions there are at the click of a button. So get yourself in a place when you are studying where you minimize distractions.
  • Pace yourself. There is no good burning yourself out well in advance of the exams and thereby just limping into the exam centre. pace yourself so that you enter the exam room in good shape.
  • Enjoy. Seek to enjoy the revision. You may say that this is an impossibility and it is an oxymoron to speak of enjoying revising for exams. But why not? It’s is a great privilege to be able to learn. And I found sometimes in the intensive study of revision I would see things fitting together in the study.
  • Diet / Sleep. Make sure that you get a healthy diet and decent rest. Some foods may make you feel lethargic and so avoid them.
  • No one will die. Don’t get yourself in an overstressed state by overly pressuring yourself. To do badly in the exams is not the end of the world. But do strive to do your best.
  • Know yourself. This perhaps summarises all the other points. Try and arrange how you study according to what you know helps you to study optimally.
  • Pray. That the Lord would help you to employ your studying skills for His glory.

I hope your study for exams is going well. In fact I hope all your study is going well.

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