To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Preach the Message.

One of the responsibilities of the preacher is to bring people before the Lord through His Word. All our energies and abilities should be focused on attaining this goal. We are not in front of people to preach ourselves, but we are to preach the Word. This necessitates self-discipline in our preparation and presentation of the message:-

  • In preparation we are seeking out God’s message from the passage. Once this has been found, we are arranging our material so as to convey that message. We therefore will discard any material from the message which does not assist us in bringing forward the message. That will likely mean jettisoning material which, on its own, is helpful. However, because it does not assist the preaching in this instance it has to be kept out of the message.
  • In presentation we have to make sure that all our statements are harmoniously leading the message forward. Illustrations and applications are all appropriately developed so as to enhance understanding of the passage and the importance of the message for the hearer. Nothing should intrude into this.

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