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Being Late.

Here are some thoughts about why being late for church services is a bad thing.

  • Christians are to be reliable people. We trust a reliable God and as His children should display the characteristics of our Father. Being late contradicts that.
  • The entrance of those who are late can disturb those who are already there.
  • There is something special about all the Lord’s people being together for the start of the service.
  • Being early for a service gives opportunity to prepare yourself in church before the service.
  • Being late conveys a message of casualness. You wouldn’t be late for work because that is important, but Church does not matter so I can turn up when I want / can.
  • Others may be waiting for you to be there and might be distracted from worship by wondering if anything bad has happened to you.

And of course in saying what I have, I make these following comments as caveats:-

  • Sometimes things happen to mitigate against you being there on time. We should not “beat ourselves up” about this.
  • It is better to be late than not get there at all.

Comments on: "Being Late." (2)

  1. andyabel said:

    Agreed. But it’s important to give a little consideration for culture too. We went to a seminar based on this book: Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot – And Cold – Climate Cultures by Sarah A. Lanier
    It’s summarized well here:

  2. Thanks Andy. Not heard of cold and hot climate cultures concept before. I had thought in terms of “time based” and “event based” cultures. Your point is well-taken though. Perhaps I should have caveated my post to apply in “time based” cultures. However, it is interesting that the cricket seems to start on time in India

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