To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Leicester City.

Everyone is writing about Leicester City at the moment. So here I add my own musings. I write specifically to ponder upon how a group of people can achieve success. I write without “inside information”, but as an outside observer. Much of what I refer to applies to any organisation, but I am particularly concerned about churches.


They do not seem to have been just a collection of individuals called together to do a job. Rather, they were unified in a cause and concerned to stand together for one another. This was reflected in the fact that they were all together at Jamie Vardy’s house on Monday when their triumph was confirmed.

In the purposes of God unity is a powerful thing. The Lord loves it when His people are together.(see Psalm 133). And Satan hates to see unity in God’s people. Leaders must cultivate unity. One critical way is the elderships operate so as to show harmony amidst their diversity. Unity matters


They appeared to be a happy and contented bunch. There seems to be a delight in being involved in what they were doing. This reflects particularly on the management. Claudio Ranieri seemed to have a unique joie de vivre and clearly was enjoying what he was doing. Dare I say it they all seemed to be having fun together. Taking them for a pizza after not conceding against Crystal Palace for example.

Oh how we need to cultivate having joy in the Lord and in His service in our churches. And the leaders must be so concerned to set an example and engender the atmosphere. If the leaders are not excited then it is unlikely that the church will be.


There was a fearless attitude to the way Leicester played. They seemed to be willing to try things without always being fearful that they would be condemned if it failed. However, my tentative observation would be that this was never rash.

In our churches we do not need rashness which can lead to all kinds of disasters. But we do need a holy recklessness. We need a willingness to take risks so as to see God’s cause go forward. Again the leadership has to take responsibility and be encouraging a spirit of stepping out in faith for the Lord. If you scan Scripture there are so many who did this. Noah building the ark, Abram heading to Canaan, Gideon fighting the Midianites, David taking on Goliath and of course the perfect and immense example Jesus our Lord going to the cross.


The way Leicester played was simple. Stop the other side from scoring and get the ball as quickly as possible to the other end of the pitch and have a go at scoring.

The gospel of our Lord Jesus is a “simple” message. It is not an easy message, but there are no complexities as regards to understanding how to embrace it and live it. Paul’s message in Ephesus was repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (see Acts 20:21). Everything in the Christian life revolves around those activities.


The appropriate people were in the appropriate positions on the pitch so as to maximize their effectiveness. Jamie Vardy was not at centre-half for example.

And so it should be in the church; round pegs should be in round holes. Everyone should be fulfilling the ministry that God has called them to. Again the leaders have a specific role in discerning people’s gifts and in making sure that everyone is able to be operating in a place and in a way according to God’s calling.

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