To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Remember The Goldfish.

So Tom sees the goldfish swimming happily in its goldfish bowl in the corner of the room, and he thinks it’s not free; that poor goldfish it’s constrained by the bowl in that water. If only it could get out of the bowl and do what it wants then that goldfish would be truly happy because it would be free. So Tom takes the goldfish out of the bowl and places it on the floor. Whereupon it hastily degenerates into a miserable death. And all because Tom gave it “freedom”.

What went wrong here? Essentially Tom imposed his views of freedom on the goldfish. And as a result the goldfish perished. Freedom actually was enjoying the appropriate environment for the fish. Freedom was within the bowl surrounded by the water. That is what the fish was made for.

So it is with humanity and issues of morality. Modern man comes along with certain views of freedom, but they are actually deathly to the individual. So freedom is promised, in the sexual realm and the gender realm, for example. But actually this is bondage. It is not freedom at all. Freedom comes when we operate in the morals ordained by God for us. Sex within heterosexual marriage and being male and female are the water in the bowl for humanity. When we choose a morality outside of that we move towards a painful death.

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