To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

I grew up in an atmosphere where:-

  • You were either male or female.
  • You were heterosexual.
  • You did not have sex before marriage.

The last of these valuable moral bastions was starting to collapse, but overwhelmingly this was the atmosphere. All this meant freedom, because your identity was formed through puberty and adolescence in a way which aligned with God’s creational order. This was how we were meant to be.

Now our youngsters are going through adolescence with those bastions largely destroyed. So the atmosphere now is:-

  • You choose your gender.
  • You choose your sexuality.
  • You decide when and who and how you use your body sexually.

And this leads to massive stress. The world would say that it is freedom to be able to make these choices. However, it creates all kinds of stress upon youngsters and upon adults for that matter to have to work through the voyage of establishing your identity.

The former situation is actually more freeing. This is because much pain in the voyage to maturity is avoided and each person naturally moves to a position which accords with that which is according to nature.

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