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I am a Normal Person

I was recently reading an interview with a man who was in pastoral ministry, but sadly everything fell apart some six or seven years ago. In this blog he was asked the question “What are the dangers of blogging?” His reply contained this:

“I think one of the dangers I hadn’t anticipated is that you allow people to see you as a person with interests and opinions. Not every reader understands that their pastor is almost as normal as they are – and that can lead to interesting conversations…”

I had to read it again to see that he really did say that this was a danger. This left me somewhat flabbergasted. How can this be a a danger? Surely it is a benefit. And thus this perhaps provides a very sobering lesson. Did he really feel that he had to be seen as someone different? Did he really think he could not be seen as a normal person? If he did, surely it was erroneous thinking.

Those who are in spiritual / eldership ministry must relentlessly make it clear that they are normal people. They must be continually seeking the prayers of the congregation for all of their situations and weaknesses.

Comments on: "I am a Normal Person" (1)

  1. Amen amen and amen
    How important to be knowing our pastors, elders and deacon’s to love, encourage and pray for them.
    Great danger of always concluding that those who lead are always find and never struggle.
    Thanks Philip

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