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Noise in Coffee Shops

One of the developments in society over the last twenty years is that of the popularity of coffee shops of the Costa and Starbucks ilk. They have become prime locations where people can meet to talk and engage with each other.

What perplexes me is how loud the background music can be in these places. I have, on occasion, found myself straining to hear someone speak as the “background” music drowns them out. I see it as fully appropriate to have suitable low key and low volume music to enhance the atmosphere and all that. But to have this unnecessary hindrance to people talking together in a place where they essentially meet to talk together is annoying.

Or perhaps I am becoming a curmudgeonly old fogey?!?!

Comments on: "Noise in Coffee Shops" (2)

  1. or a bit deaf through sitting too near the front at WA 😦

  2. Judi Steve Buckeridge said:

    Don’t think you are an old fogey … we often think the same. Some of it is perhaps peoples uncomfortableness with quietness and stillness, whereas the believer knows its importance in the Lords presence. Sometimes, especially when we have needed to do some thinking / planning we have asked for it to be turned down!

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