To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Delivering Leaflets.

One way of seeking to build up the awareness of our church in the community and also to reach out with the gospel is to distribute leaflets to the properties around about. Here are some thoughts.

  1. Always leave a property as you find it. If there is a gate leave it exactly as it was. That may be open or shut, latched or unlatched.
  2. Never walk on grass always keep to the footpaths. Footpaths are intended for access to the property and not the grassed / garden area.
  3. Put leaflets fully through a letterbox. If someone is away and leaflets are left on display this can possibly be a means of burglars detecting that a property is empty. It can upset people if leaflets are left visible.
  4. Try not to damage the leaflets whilst putting them through the letterbox. This is sometimes easier said than done!
  5. If you meet somebody at the property you are delivering to be courteous and explain what you are doing.
  6. If the house says “no junk mail” or has an equivalent, message, do not deliver to such a property. I know we believe we are not giving out “junk mail” but those in the property do not believe that. And they can be unnecessarily offended.
  7. Pray that the leaflets would be used for the Lord’s glory.

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