To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

My Achievements.

As regards to the good things that have been brought into the lives of our four sons my wife has to take most of the accolades. She has laboured long and hard to teach them and instruct them.

However, although meagre, I do have my achievements. So to have taught them each how to ride their bikes and how to swim gives me a degree of pleasure. So one Thursday last month we went swimming and Zech is now armband free and mobile in the water. So I can now say that they can all ride their bikes and have learnt to swim. So I feel some pleasure. I feel pleasure in their progress. I feel pleasure in being a part of their progress.

How much does our Father take pleasure in us making progress through His enabling? After all if we have any achievements, such have only come because He has achieved things through us.

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