To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.


In the whole scheme of development in the means of communication e-mail is still a very recent medium. I feel in many ways that an appropriate etiquette for its use has still not been established.

Here are three aspects of e-mail which grate with me a bit:-

  1. People re-using a group e-mail for another purpose, but not altering the title or erasing the original content. This is sloppy and discourteous.
  2. An e-mail with foregoing exchanges excluded. This happens when an interaction is taking place which necessitates several exchanges of mails. It is so helpful to me in this instance for the foregoing communications to be readily visible so connection back can be immediately made.
  3. E-mail with too many issues dealt with. The beauty of e-mail is that it is very easy to send several. It is so easy to lose a piece of information when you have e-mails referring to a miscellany of things. Best to stick to one issue per e-mail as a general rule it appears to me.

Just some thoughts.

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