To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Worship on Sunday.

Here I related about one of the hard times in my life which came about through not being in church membership. Here I want to relate about a most difficult day in my life because we were not able to be in church worship.

It was July 1st 2001. Through convoluted circumstances we had ended up some distance from where we were due to be on that Sunday. In fact we were in an apartment in some residential district in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We were there with no knowledge of any church in the area and with family obligations to work out. So what were we to do as regards to being in church to worship on that day.

One of the responsibilities I am convicted to fulfil before the Lord is that of being the leader, arranger and facilitator in making sure that our family is among God’s people to worship the Lord on the Lord’s Day. As a rule we seek to make sure such is achieved on a Sunday morning. We do not seek to fulfill this responsibility in a harsh way because illness and other crisis can mitigate against being able to do this. However, I believe that it is my responsibility as a husband and father to do my best to make sure that this is fulfilled.

So on that day I faced a dilemma what were we to do. In the end, I believe six of us gathered in a room of the apartment to have a time where we acknowledged the Lord together. I believe that it gave an important message to our two sons of that time, that worshipping the Lord is something important to do on the Lord’s Day even if we have to improvise out of necessity.

In conclusion I mention two things:

  • In surprises me how Sunday worship with God’s people has such a seemingly low priority with so many Christians.
  • So many Christian fathers and husbands do not seem to have any sense of responsibility for leading their families in this area.

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