To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

When having a passage of Scripture to preach, it is glorifying to our God to preach through the passage in an orderly way. We must remember that God has given His Word in a way so that we can understand what is being said. He has given the Scripture in a logical and coherent way. He has not given us the Word so as to confuse us.

Our default approach in preaching, therefore, should always be to go through the passage in the order in which the words and verses have been set down by our God in giving His Word. There is something honouring to Him in this approach. In a sense we are saying by doing this, that we bow to God’s wisdom in setting down His Word in the way He has.

In saying this I would not rule out times when we present the Word in a different way. What we must be careful of, in such a scenario though, is that we do not lose sense of what the intention of the Lord was in originally giving the Scripture in the way that He did. One reason for preaching the passage in a different order might be that we want to give the conclusion of an argument first and then work back. This may help in communication. However, I suggest, that when we alter our approach we should do so with the utmost care so as to not lose the original intention of what God was seeking to say.

It seems to me so important that we are sold out to making sure that the original message is preserved.

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