To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Them Mice.

Yesterday we celebrated three months since we last had indication that mice were present in our home. I wrote about the matter here previously. Here are some thoughts:-


  • Electromagnetic repellers which sends a current through the wiring did not seem to do much.
  • Ultra sound socket machines were useless.
  • Mouse traps with the most succulent of bait were ignored. (I did feel we had the cleverest mice in Feltham by the way).
  • The glue paper stuff again was ignored.
  • Our first pest control man put down pink sachet’s which did no good.
  • Our second man put down canary seed stuff and this did the job.
  • Also important was getting serious about food storage and food debris.
  • We moved all food downstairs. We stored stuff which was vulnerable in plastic containers. This included using big plastic boxes.
  • We stopped eating any food in the upper part of the house. We only ate at ground floor level.
  • We blocked up holes to the outside of the house as much as we could. This included using air-brick covers.
  • We also blocked up holes around radiator pipes.


  • Mice were only actually seen twice, although there was much evidence of them being around.
  • They apparently chewed at the corner of our lino flooring because that wears down their teeth.
  • When we first knew they were in the house on August 17th we were then away for a few days and, I reckon, that allowed them to get ensconced.


I must say I found it very hard. It was a great test as regards to trusting the Lord. This sermon here tuned in, in a mighty way to what God was doing in and through me through all this. I felt at times He was relentlessly after me so as to teach me to trust him.

I certainly confess to much failure, in becoming too caught up with dealing with the mice.  I trust, though, I learned much in spite of the failures.

It also made me think about the perils of a far greater degree that so may people have to live with.

But finally we give thanks to the Lord for delivering us from this episode.

Comments on: "Them Mice." (3)

  1. Dianne Morgan said:

    I do not hate mice, but something they are quite mess and try to eat cotton cloths. Decide to exterminate them away from home. But anyways, I love you acknowledge God in every simple things we can do. Glory be to the lord.

  2. Peter Hobson said:

    I have this kind of phobia about mice since they’ve beaten my right feed that bleeds out so much. I don’t want it to happen again. God bless you this holy week.

  3. […] have written about our experience back in 2015 here. Happily we have since been and are still free from any mice problems in the house. But I have been […]

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