To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Don’t Forget To Pray.

On one day recently I was struck by two happenings. On both occasions I was involved in seeking to accomplish certain tasks. In both cases I had not sought the Lord beforehand, and in both cases we were in a mess. That which we wanted to accomplish was not being accomplished. At which point we committed the matters to the Lord. Very quickly the issues were resolved.

Now in response to these incidents I don’t want to be guilty of presuming that prayer becomes a lucky charm which makes things happen the way I want them to. Neither do I want to presume that God always makes things happen according to my plan. But I am made to think about how our Father in heaven delights to hear His people pray. He delights to move through their prayers. Why is it that I am so foolish so as to embark upon anything without committing the matter to the Lord?

So these experiences were a challenge and an encouragement to me. A challenge to make sure I do engage relentlessly in committing all to the Lord. An encouragement to know that the Lord loves to hear His children pray.

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