To venable (verb): To randomly muse upon this and that.

Mr Hinton’s Kiss.

I remember it from probably around 1989 /1990. I was sat in the home of Mr and Mrs Hinton in Ickenham. Mr Hinton was out. Upon his return he immediately went to his wife and kissed her. At this time they would both have been in their late sixties, I reckon. Mr Hinton was a very reserved man, but with an eminently godly character. And he walked in and kissed his wife right in front of me.

So what did all this mean? Two things I want to ponder upon.

The Message To His Wife.

He had been out, but he wanted her to know right away that to be back with his wife was a delight. He wanted her to know that she was the darling of his heart, in human terms. When a husband is conveying such a message to his wife he is providing a healthy environment wherein she can flourish. She knows she has a man who is committed to her. She knows that he is one who cares for her and longs for all that is good in her life.

The Message To All Others.

You might say that this should have been kept private. But knowing that I was sat there right in front of them did not deter him from showing this affection. He was unashamed in declaring that he had deep affection for this woman. This conveys a strong message to all others that he is not interested in any other woman; he is truly the one woman man of 1 Timothy 3:2. Husbands, your children should know, through appropriate displays of physical affection towards their mother that she is special to you.

Now, I am not saying that every husband has to practise what Mr Hinton did. But I am saying that the implications of what Mr Hinton did are worth thinking about.

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